IRIX spray 75 ml

Irix 75 ml

Irix spray is a 100% natural cosmetics, containing rose petal extract of selected rose varieties. It is used to relieve unpleasant symptoms of sunburn and to treat insect bites. It has a triple point of attack for alleviating the discomfort and accelerating the skin recovery.

Tannins, flavonoids and other antioxidants helps to reduce the inflammation, accelerate the skin recovery.

Waxes issued from rose petals form a protective film layer on the surface of the treated skin, after alcohol evaporation. The protective wax layer contributes to the preservation of the hydratation of the treated area, helping to regenerate faster.

The prompt aid for the inflamed, burned, itchy skin is due to the alcohol content. Thanks to its rapid evaporation, the injured skin is quickly soothed, which is important in case of pain or discomfort.

Avaliable in Hungarian pharmacies

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