Propagation material of medicinal plants, dried herbs

We offer bio or conventional quality propagating material with licence agreement (seeds, seedlings), as well as bulk dried herbs from our own, genetically pure varieties. With GACP document!

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Species English nameSpecies botanical nameVarietyCharacteristicsCode
AngelicaAngelica archangelica L.BudakalásziHigh amount of essential oil266851
ÁnisePimpinella anisum L.BudakalásziHigh amount of anise essential oil, increased crop yield124317
BasilOcimum basilicum L.OlymposHigh amount of citral210876
BasilOcimum basilicum L.EugeniaHigh amount of eugenol298326
BasilOcimum basilicum L.KeskenylevelűBalanced essential oil containt, early flowering112828
BasilOcimum basilicum L.AlykoHigh amount of geraniol239996
Summer savorySatureja hortensis L.BudakalásziHigh amount of essential oil, increased crop yield112947
PeppermintMentha x piperita L.MitchamHigh amount of essential oil, low amount of pulegone, carvone124326
Lemon balmMelissa officinalis L.IldikóHigh amount of essential oil, rosmarinic acid272755
White mustardSinapis alba L.Budakalászi sárgaHigh amount of fatty oils112938
HyssopHyssopus officinalis L.KékvirágúHigh amount of essential oil112819
DillAnethum graveolens L.BudakalásziHigh amount of essential oil (carvone)124335
Pot marigoldCalendula officinalis  L.ClaudiaHigh amount of flavonoids239987
CarawayCarum carvi L. f. biennisMaud High amount of essential oil

Low amount of dihydrocarvone, trans-carveol

CorianderCoriandrum sativum L.Lucs High amount of essential oil

Increased crop yield

Fennel (bitter)Foeniculum vulgare subsp. capillaceum var. vulgareFönicia High amount of essential oil, anethole,

Low amount of estragone

LovageLevisticum offiicinale KochBudakalásziHigh amount of essential oil (beta-phellandrene)112846
LavanderLavandula angustifolia MillBudakalászi 80 High amount of essential oil,

Low amount of limonene and eucalyptol

MarjoramMajoranna hortensis MönchFranciaHigh amount of essential oil112855
Milk thistleSilybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.SzibillaWhite flowered variety233668
Clary sageSalvia sclarea L.AkaliHigh amount of essential oil112790
SafflowersCarthamus tinctorius L.BudakalásziHigh amount of fatty oils112965
Brown mustardBrassica juncea (L.) Czern. et Coss.Negro Caballo High amount of fatty oils,

Low amount of erucic acid

SzekliceimolaLeuzea carthamoides Willd/DC.LujzaHigh amount of 20-hydroxyecdysoneMAP019
Blue dogbaneAmsonia tabernaemontana Walt.BudakalásziHigh amount of tabersonine vincadifformine, rutin112772
MotherworthLeonorus cardiaca L.LeonoraHigh amount of flavonoids289304
TarragonArtemisia dracunculus L.Artemis High amount of essential oil

Rust-resistant variety



The poppy breeding for decades resulted in several poppy varieties, both for industrial and alimentary purposes.

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Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)
BuddhaSpring poppy variety, high amount of morphine in poppy straw191922
FortemoSpring poppy variety, high amount of thebaine and morphine in poppy straw335269
LinaSpring poppy variety, high amount of narcotine in poppy straw361341
Kék DunaBlue poppy seed for alimentary purposes112736
KozmoszHigh amount of alkaloids in poppy straw112727
MorvitalShort season variety, high amount of morphine in poppy straw335278
MorwinAutumn poppy variety, high amount of morphine in poppy straw318062
PostomiShort season variety, high amount of alkaloids in poppy straw191931
Great scarlet poppy (Papaver bracteatum Lindl.)
BohéméletHigh amount of thebaine, low amount of other alkaloids112718

Premium quality Poppy seed

Premium quality low-alkaloid contaminated poppy seeds for edible use or oil production in 10 kg, 25 kg or 1000 kg PP bags or in bulk.

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For healthier plants, for a healthier Planet

ELICE16 is an innovant plant-based biostimulant and yield produced with green technology. ELICE16 stimulates the defensive signalling network of the plant in order to prepare them for stress situations like a pathogen attack.

Effects of ELICE16 treatment on plants:

  • Better incorporation of micronutrients, stronger tissue masses.
  • Better wax quality on leaf and fruit. More compact crop.
  • Reduction in specific water consumption, improvement of drought tolerance.
  • Favorable changes in composition, better plant metabolism.
  • Increased quality and quantity of formed carbohydrates
  • More stable and balanced crop size
  • Better preservation, storability
  • Better transportability of primeur vegetables
  • Increased vitamin and mineral content
  • Better taste and aroma profile
  • Balanced fruit size of berries
  • Protection against harmful organisms and germs or infection mitigation (brown rot, gray mold and sucking pests)

Composition: SFE extracts of medicinal plants

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