Business Creed

We believe that traditional healing and modern medicine is intended to serve health hand in hand, supporting each other. We believe that the 'traditional' medicine and herbal medicine are not mutually exclusive, but complementary.

We represent that science combined with thousands of years of folk knowledge are continuously adding new perspectives in medicine. The drugs from the pharma factory of nature play an important role not only in treatment, but also in prevention.

Furthermore, we represent that the thousands of compounds found in plants act in a complex way involving several mechanisms of action, and thus the ability to promote healing.

We believe that the quality-controlled, standardized herbal medicines are one of the most important tools for healing in the future.

Our mission is to develop products, provision services based on 100 year’s "know-how" of herbal science, and thereby raising the herbal industry to a higher level, disseminating herbal knowledge as wide as possible.